Wednesday, 28 December 2016

HAIROUSE : Instant Hair Thickening Product

Your personality and first impression depends a lot on your appearance. The quality and quantity of your hair depends on various factors like the environment, lifestyle, and medical conditions of a person.

Whatever the reason, nobody should settle for a hair style based on their hair fall. There are many options available today to keep your mane looking attractive for a long number of years, by overcoming scanty hair or baldness.

One such revolutionary product in the hair care industry is Hairouse. Hairouse is a result of indigenous research and development. It is approved by the Indian FDA and is known for being the second generation cosmetic hair camouflage. This complete Indian product is developed under the guidance of expert trichologists and renowned hair experts. Hairouse is the best alternative to synthetic and mineral based products that can prove harmful in the long run. 

What is HAIROUSE and what does it do?

Hairouse is a dynamic hair product that suits all hair types for both men and women. This product is developed using only natural plant cellulose to make electrostatically charged micro fibers, that are completely non-toxic and free from side effects. The natural keratin charged micro fibers easily get attached to your natural hair uniformly, thereby creating volume. 

How to use HAIROUSE?

Hairouse is one of the most user-friendly hair products. You just have to sprinkle Hairouse over the scanty hair area and then pat with your fingers. It should not be used on wet or gelled hair, for a flawless effect.

Benefits of HAIROUSE

This excellent hair product is loaded with benefits. Some of them are:

Economical: Hairouse micro fibers are lighter and hence you will be using very less quantity as compared to other such products available.

Easy to use: Just sprinkle and pat and show off your naturally dense hair style.

Neat application: The usage of Hairouse doesn't involve any mess. Even if some micro fibres  drop on clothes or bedding, you can just dust it off.

Utmost safety: Hairouse is safe to use by anyone. Even those who are undergoing hair growth therapy using minoxidil can use this.

Environment friendly: Hairouse is completely natural, vegetarian, eco-friendly and bio-degradable.

Ethical advertising: Hairouse is completely honest and ethical  in its claims. Its composition is mentioned on the label and it states every thing clearly. Hairouse is an Indian FDA approved product.

HAIROUSE Availability

Hairouse is Easily Available Online. Hairouse is available in the following shades:

100% Black, Brownish Black( 70% black & 30% brown ), Black Brown ( both 50% ), Blackish Brown ( 70% brown & 30% black ) and 100% Brown.
You can choose your desirable colour as given above . Hairouse is available in 6 gms or 25 gms pack.

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