Thursday, 29 September 2016

HAIROUSE : The Quickest Way to Conceal Your Baldness

Does baldness troubles you ? Do you want to conceal it in the quickest possible way ? HAIROUSE is your solution. As it is manufactured from plant cellulose, Hairouse is 99% natural and can be useful to both males and females.


HAIROUSE is produced using advanced Microfiber technology hence is similar to natural keratin with long holding static charge. This is 30% lighter than fibers made from animal sources and other artificial materials.Because of this HAIROUSE will be highly cost effective. This can withstand heavy blow of air from a fan, sweating, light rain, physical exercises etc. Swimming, heavy rain and shampooing will completely remove it. Styling can be done using wide tooth combing. Hard combing must be avoided.

Being Eco-friendly, chances of allergies and infection are minimal and is usable with other hair products like Minoxidil. It is available in various shades like Black (100 % black), Brownish Black (70% black + 30 % Brown), Black Brown (50% Black + 50% Brown), Blackish Brown (70% Brown + 30 % Black) and Brown (100 % Brown).

With an aim to provide the best hair loss solution to people Nithyasha Healthcare Pvt. Ltd updates itself with the latest technology to produce high quality products. It is a fast growing health and beauty business company situated in Mumbai city.


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